Finally You Can Block Spammers Stalkers and Other Unwanted Users in Linkedin

LinkedIn released a feature that had been requested by the community for quite some time now; member specific blocking. This brings LinkedIn up to par with Facebook and Twitter where you can also block member from accessing your profile and interacting with you.

The long awaited feature for blocking specific members was introduced not only for privacy protection or spam prevention reasons, but also for more serious safety issues as stalking or threats.

Paul Rockwell head of Trust and Safety of LinkedIn said: “We built this feature not only because it was a feature our members requested, but because we also knew it was the right thing to do.”

For many marketers this will have negative implications, but it is something they have brought upon themselves by blatantly spamming other users. For the rest of us who provide quality information for our connections and try to generate value instead of a quick buck, this feature is actually positive, since there won’t be that much “noise” in our target market’s inboxes.

One flaw the user blocking process has, is that you have to visit the profile of the person you want to block in order to block them. So in order to remain anonymous it is recommended that you change your Profile Viewing in your settings, that way they won’t know you actually visited their profile.

In conclusion, remember to keep an eye on your profile settings since the social media sites change their rules every now and then.

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